Food Philosophy (Food Philo)


Food, a word to define one of our basic need. Yet, Nowadays we could find food not only to keep our growling belly down but also to satisfy our taste. Then modernism and leisure life comes to this world and brainwashed our mind to crave for more satisfaction besides good taste, a good service, a good atmosphere for dining, and many more. Some eateries which could provide those satisfaction factors would be granted by praises and gained a free advertisement from mouth to mouth. That means, taste isn’t the only thing which make people go out and enjoy their meal. So where should we go if there’re so many offers from many restaurants? Don’t be panic yet, because Food philo would try to provides you with as many places as we could to be revealed as a worthy place to spend your time, money and taste on. Hungry yet? lets dig it in!

Welcome to Food Philo!

Who are we ?

Basically we are group of people who are like to explore food and unusual taste. Even we are coming from different background but it is not covering the fact we have same common in “food hunting.”

Why we made this blog ?

The purpose of this blog is not the only way we transmit our hobby or our likeness to the food. This blog also can be everybody sources who had the same hobby like us but they do not know where to start in the new environment. Example, I came from Seattle to Ohio. I wanted to eat good food but I do not know where to go since I am in a new place. It will take a lot of time to research good place. That is why this blog came with that purpose. We will have review from USA online for the moment but we will add from another countries such as Canada, Australia, German, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and many others.

Can you join to ?

Of course we expect more and more people coming join us. You can write review like us, send us a comment and critics, or pictures so we could update it to the blog. You can send us email to

P.S: We try to have a new review each day, but for this time, we are going to upload the new review every Friday. 🙂